Premier of AudioKinesis "Azel" ("noble") floor standing loudspeaker, HWD 45 x 18 x 15 by Duke LeJeune with design input by James Romeyn.  The first AK speaker with invisible "stealth" built-in Space Generator reverberant field up/rear firing auxiliary speaker.  SG has separate input and separate crossover from the front/main/primary section.  One amp easily drives both the front/primary  and rear SG section.    


SG offers the following benefits: larger perceived dimensions for the listening room, increased perception of the original recording acoustic, increased pitch perception, improved spatial effects, and to mechanically damp bass modes in 3-D space throughout the listening room.  


Our display features a learning demo with brief theory supporting the Space Generator section.  Via wireless remote control visitors may turn the SG system on/off and also separately turn on/off its bass mode damping feature.

AudioKinesis room 2014

Innovation Area

Second Floor of the Tower @RMAF

Tower 2nd floor


If you drop into the AudioKinesis room not only will you get a demo of the space generator concept but  you can also hear an ISO-DAC in the playback chain

The playback chain will feature

  • Roon & Tidal, 

  • Sonic Transport i5, 

  • Sonore UltraRendu (powered by Ciúnas ISO-PS),

  • Ciúnas ISO-DAC,

  • Aspen Amplifiers, Maya 

  • AudioKinesis "Azel" ("noble") floor standing loudspeaker